Technician holding a circuit board in front of a laptop

Who We Are

The Galixsys Networks team are innovators, with over 60 years of combined experience in software, hardware, silicon design and IT management. Galixsys Networks was created over 10 years ago to address the fundamental  limitations in IoT device usability; namely that "smart devices" were placing an undo burden in network and user management. Instead of simplifying life, IoT devices are complicating it, with system management and device security now much more complicated because of the networked functionality.  Galixsys Networks technologies, products and services bring the benefits and convenience of networked devices but reduce significantly the management and security challenges of such systems.

Person holding a tablet

What We Do

Galixsys Networks conceives and develops software technologies and systems for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. In addition to developing new IoT technologies, Galixsys Networks provides services to adapt the technology to specific platforms. Further, services are provided to create, integrate and maintain these IoT devices along with any required IT infrastructure.