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Galixsys Networks Services

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Why Galixsys Networks?

IoT and M2M systems vary considerably in their functionality and resources available. Galixsys Networks' software solutions have been designed with these constraints in mind, and can be optimized for any specific end equipment. Further, additional functionality can be added to the base software solutions offered, based on the end equipments specific needs. These services can be provided by Galixsys in addition to the base software solutions offered.

Device Manufacturers

The Galixsys Networks engineering team comes from a deeply embedded background, and have strived to provide base software solutions that provide enterprise-like network functionality in an embedded environment. If you are building a device that will contain networked functionality, or are adding networking to an existing device, we can adapt our software solutions to your specific needs. Further, we can provide hardware design services as well to get your product on the Internet. Also, integration of your devices into the greater IT infrastructure of your customers are also well understood by the Galixsys Networks staff, and we can provide assistance in getting your device deployed in your customer's IT infrastructure. Finally, if you do not have the IT infrastructure to support Internet-enabled devices, we can provide hosting as well as data and device management services.

System Integrators and IT Administrators

The IT system is no longer just a server-to-PC or server-to-smart phone environment, but rather an expansion of multiple types of devices whose use model will vary significantly. How to efficiently add these embedded networked devices into the existing IT infrastructures will require a different approach over existing IT methodologies. The Galixsys Networks staff comes from both device and IT backgrounds, and can provide unique insight on how to integrate these fixed function devices into your IT networks without adding additional complexity on the users. The Galixsys Networks team can analyze your IT system needs and constraints and determine the most efficient method to integrate a particular class of device into your network.

Please contact one of our technical sales representatives for additional information on the services provided by Galixsys Networks.