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IoT Devices - The Next Billion Connected Devices

Wireless networks are fast becoming a ubiquities reality. With the increased data rates possible and low cost hardware modules of 3G and LTE cellular technologies, the expanding coverage of WiFi and WiMAX, and the Internet protocol enabling of 802.15 (ZigBee), nearly any device can be enabled to have an Internet connection. These newly networked embedded products have very different use patterns than a personal computer or cell phone; the traditional drivers of networking software. The IT infrastructure, both on the device itself as well as server technologies, needs to be enhanced to take into account how these embedded devices will make use of its networking functionality.

Galixsys Networks provides software solutions to allow the full capabilities of these devices to be realized, including real-time control over the web, seamless device management, network aware device capability and security enhancements via device authentication. Services provided included integrating these new smart embedded device capabilities into any existing IT infrastructure.

Embedded Devices and the Internet

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Enterprise IT systems and embedded IT systems have very different needs. Enterprise systems are primarily concerned about the collection, storage and organization of a massive amount of data. This results in IT software and tools that are designed for large scale deployments of uniform systems. Embedded IT systems, on the other hand, are primarily concerned about how devices act upon the data they generate and receive. This requires an IT infrastructure that can handle commands as efficiently as data. Further, the inherent processing and memory limitations of most embedded systems does not lend itself to a uniform IT solution.