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Galixsys Networks conceives and develops software technologies and systems for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market. In addition to developing new IoT and M2M technologies, Galixsys Networks provides services to adapt the technology to specific platforms. Further, services are provided to create, integrate and maintain these IoT and M2M devices along with any required IT infrastructure.

Galixsys Networks Introduces the Andromeda Embedded Services Platform

Galixsys Networks' Andromeda Embedded Services Platform allows devices to move from a network-enabled to a network-aware world. Node devices on the network are no longer just "dumb" data transmitters and receivers, but are actively aware of the network it is on, what other devices are present, and integral in the decision making of network operations. This is achieved in a peer-to-peer or traditional client-server network model. Benefits include the following:


Andromeda works within existing web servers; a custom server is not required. Further, device authentication capability is added, tying specific users to specific devices.


Andromeda works within the existing WWW infrastructure, but does not require XML document passing. Via patented technology, a binary-over-HTTP protocol is created, allowing real-time operations to occur using existing Web infrastructure. This results in much lower data payloads, network latency and processor loads.


Devices are "network aware", allowing device-to-device operation to occur without any explicit user knowledge. Devices seamlessly transmit their capabilities to each other and may act upon direct device requests.

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Andromeda Enables:

  • Communication
  • Using a smart phone or tablet as a controller, it is possible to perform real-time control of devices. Real-time monitoring and updates are possible, either directly or to the cloud. The smart phone becomes more than just a "mini-PC". Consumer devices seamlessly connect to the cloud, not requiring specific user actions.

  • Medical
  • Medical devices are tied to specific patients, ensuring remote monitoring is occurring on the desired patient. Real-time monitoring is possible, allowing the medical device to proactively notify the care-giver that a medical event is occurring.

  • Industrial
  • With a binary-over-HTTP protocol as opposed to XML document passing, data transmitted is significantly reduced, reducing cellular data charges. Direct real-time interaction and control between devices is possible, increasing productivity.